Meet the Management behind DiMaggio Business Strategies!

DBS is comprised of hard working individuals whose mission is to help companies stay in business by retaining as much of their hard earned profits as possible. Coming together to stay creative and innovative in our work is essential to continued success. We maintain a highly professional company culture while also letting our personalities shine. Take a look below for some insight on our management team!

     Joe DiMaggio       President/CEO

DiMaggio Business Strategies Started out in July of 2003 as an Employee Benefits Shop. We grew into different areas of insurance products, but remained in that arena until Joe decided to transform it, in 2007, into a business consulting firm. He developed new departments, including; Energy Consulting, Merchant Processing Solutions, & Telecommunications Consulting as well as maintaining the Employee Benefits Divisions.  He is currently expanding, even further, to include Small Business Lending and personal, payroll deducted loans. Joe feels his greatest  addition to the menu of consulting items, however,  is, wait, You'll have to ask about that! I can't give the farm away so easily!! Call us anytime!

Rose Allen
She's Baaack!!

Sadly, after 15 years with DBS Rose Allen has decided to retire and live the life of leisure!  She will be missed!!  But wait!!! This just in: Rose can not, I REPEAT, can NOT live without us! She has come out of retirement, like Muhammad Ali, to put on the gloves and continue her plight for greatness!  Welcome back Rose!! She will be in the office, at the helm, between 2 and 3 days a week to help with quoting and general service! Lets hear it for Rose!!!

Colleen Dolhun

Executive Director, Sales & Marketing

Colleen came aboard as the Director of Research & Development in the fall of 2016.  Her primary function has been to identify businesses that would be a good fit for the programs implemented here at DiMaggio Business Srategies.  She has also proven effective at locating new programs we can provide to our clients that will create savings and increase benefits.  Soon she will be obtaining her LIfe, Accident and Health License so she can become part of our enrollment team as well.  Glad to have her on our team, she is a great asset to us here at DBS!  Update 09/01/2018: Colleen has accepted a position as Executive Director of Sales and Marketing! Congratulations Colleen and welcome to the Marketing Department!!

Update 12/09/2019: Let's hear it for Colleen who successfully obtained her Life, Accident and Health License and is now a full fledged producer!!! Way to go Colleen!!!

Lisa Saunders

Marketing Executive

Lisa Joined DBS in April of 2018 as a Marketing Executive.  Lisa's kind ways and sincere concern for our client base has made her a great asset to the marketing team.  She is a  pit bull when reaching out to potential clients because she truly believes in the products and services that we provide.  She shares the same kind of drive that all of us do in that she is determined to help businesses save money and stay in business.  She is a wonderful addition to the firm! Welcome aboard Lisa!!

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