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Mission Statement


Our mission at DBS is simple.  We strive to provide our clients, and potential clients, with programs and services that will save them money and improve benefits for their valued employees.  After all, we are in this together.  We are all on the same team and are working toward the same goals.  


We have labeled ourselves "Advocates" because we want you to know that we are here to advocate for you by functioning as your personal consultants and not just a machine eating up the market for it's own personal growth.  


Our promise is to provide our valued clients with friendly, effective and timely customer service.  We promise to do what is right for you at every stage of our relationship because we know, if we don't, someone else will.  We respect our clients' needs and want to serve them for years to come.  

We know that every business has and needs it's trusted advisors and it's hard to deviate from them.  We do not endeavor to drive a wedge between you and your current broker or advisor.  We simply want you to consider one thing;  Relationships change and times change and sometimes, as scary as change is, it is necessary to survive.  

DBS will keep you on the cutting edge.  That's part of our mission and promise to you.  Feel free to join our growing family and let us help you prosper.

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