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Traditional Health Insurance

Mature Businesswoman

in this competitive arena, we have several bargaining chips to offer that puts DBS head and shoulders above the rest.  We have 25 years of experience and a customer service ethic that exceeds the norm.  

We provide solutions, not band-aids.  When the common thing to do is to raise deductibles and coinsurance to cut back your renewal increases by a few points, we offer alternatives. 

We are there for you when you need us and will bring your renewal options to you in plenty of time for you to make an educated decision.  We provide viable suggestions in short form.  No huge spreadsheets, leaving you to decipher the right path to take.


We offer a "Stay where you are" chart showing what happens if you do nothing.  We then provide you with "what's in the marketplace", then what we are bringing to the table and what we are not, and why. 

We then show you the price points against your current pricing and against your renewal to show your increases and savings.  Lets face it, anyone can inundate you with a huge spreadsheet with a bunch of unjustified options. 

We show you our suggestions and the logic behind them.  We support you through the decision process and implementation.  We have SIMERP (Self-Insured Medical Expense Reimbursement Programs)  available to supplement your plan choice that will also provide a corporate savings and supplement the employees benefits without affecting their net pay.  (See "SIMERP" Overview on it's own page.)

We are the best kept secret in town, because we are more focused on advocating for your business than our own. Maybe it's time for a change?



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