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Do you currently take credit cards? If not, we have a great way to accept them with our Cash Discount Program. Now you can increase your business without the costly fees. If you do currently take credit cards, we can eliminate 90% your monthly expenditures! An example of a generic statement is shown below, notice the fees charged line! We can eliminate those for you, and increase your bottom line. No fee for the equipment, no Interchange Fees, no monthly service fees!  We have the ability to waive ETF (Early Termination Fees) so there is no lock in.  AND we have access to every major processing firm available, so we can provide you with traditional processing solutions as well. If you don't like the Cash Discount Program, we can easily shift you back and still save you money over your current carrier.  We are truly a one stop shopping experience! Call for more information.

We strive to be on the cutting edge of industry processes to help decrease unavoidable costs and maximize profits for your business. If you would like to see those fees "swiped" out, click the picture below to contact us!

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